A payment processor is an essential component for any successful business. While you want a processor that’s fast and reliable, you also need to minimize your costs to keep transaction fees from eroding your profits. Here are a few considerations to think about when choosing a payment processor. 

  1. The Type of Payments You Need to Process

Consider what type of transactions you need to process so that you know your payment processor can accommodate that type of payment. For example, if you know that you’ll manually enter a lot of orders, you need a payment processor that accommodates this option. 

  1. The Transparency of the Payment Processor’s Fee Structure

Pricing transparency is essential because it allows you to compare the costs of working with different companies. Being upfront about its credit card processing costs is also a sign that a company is confident that its fees are reasonable and competitive. 

  1. The Overall Cost of the Payment Processor’s Services

There are several costs associated with using a processing service, like monthly fees, chargeback fees, setup costs, and transaction expenses. You need to look at all the costs when evaluating a payment processor.

Think about your business model as you evaluate processor expenses; if you handle a lot of transactions, you may prefer a company with flat-rate processing fees. 

  1. The Length of the Contract

When first working with a payment processor, you’ll want to stick with a short contract period to make sure you’re satisfied with their services. If a company says that you can cancel at any time, make sure that there aren’t any fees if you decide to terminate their services. 

  1. The Options for Customer Support

Even with the most meticulous plans, things occasionally go awry. You need the security of knowing that you have convenient access to reliable support so that payment problems don’t lead to lost revenue.

Consistent 24/7 support is important for some businesses, but other companies may be okay with support that’s only offered during normal business hours. 

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