With so much online business, card fraud when making online purchases have become a concern for many consumers. However, there are steps that you can take to reduce the risk of falling victim to fraud. 

Stay with us as we share five simple precautions to help you prevent fraud, remain vigilant, and keep your information secure.

1. Keep your credit card safe

Keep your credit card in a safe place and be mindful of who has access to it. Avoid carrying it with you unnecessarily, and keep it secure when you do have it with you. You should also be careful about who has access to your credit card, such as not letting friends or family members borrow or use it without your permission. 

2. Be wary of the “Remember” functionality

Don’t let websites “remember” your card number, even if you trust the company. Instead, you can use secure payment portals like GooglePay and PayPal, which will remember your card number. Websites can have a data breach and it’s best to have the information removed from the websites. 

3. Practice caution when shopping online

When you shop online and make online payments, you’re providing personal information such as your name, address, and credit card number, which can be vulnerable to cybercriminals’ access. To protect yourself, you should only shop on secure websites that use encryption to protect your information. Be wary of any website, social media, or email that asks you to provide personal or financial information. 

4. Report lost or stolen cards without delay

If you lose your credit card or it’s stolen, someone else could potentially use it to make unauthorized purchases. When you report a lost or stolen credit card, the credit card issuer will typically cancel the card and issue you a new one. This will prevent anyone from using the lost or stolen card, and it will also protect you from being held responsible for any fraudulent charges that may occur. 

5. Review your monthly bill

Overall, reviewing your monthly bill is an important step in protecting yourself from fraud and ensuring the accuracy of your financial records. It can help you to spot any unauthorized charges on your account, which could be a sign of fraudulent activity, and help you to identify any errors or mistakes that may have been made. By bringing these errors to the attention of your credit card issuer or bank, you can have them corrected and avoid any unnecessary financial burden.

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