For over two decades, QuickBooks Desktop Point-of-Sale (QB-POS) has been the cornerstone for many retailers, offering them a tailored solution to efficiently manage their stores. Yet, with the evolving technowledge and inherent limitations of the platform, Intuit has decided to phase out QuickBooks Desktop POS.

For many businesses, this poses pressing questions about the future of payment processing for their business. Below, we’ll delve into the implications of this change and highlight how K & B Solutions can be your bridge to the next chapter of retail management.

Why is QuickBooks Desktop POS Being Discontinued?

Introduced over 20 years ago, QB-POS has been making it easy for retailers to manage sales and inventory. While revolutionary at the time, it now poses challenges for modern feature integrations and demands intricate maintenance.

Recognizing these constraints and the urgency for progress, Intuit has marked the sunset of QB-POS for October 3, 2023. In addition to discontinuing the primary software, Intuit will discontinue connected services such as QuickBooks point-of-sale payments, mobile sync, and e-commerce integrations.

The Direct Consequences for Users

Once the discontinuation becomes effective, users of QuickBooks Desktop won’t be able to access live technical support, online backup, online banking, or payroll services. Users will also miss out on crucial security updates. This lack of updates may expose businesses to vulnerabilities, making them susceptible to security threats.

K & B Solutions: Your Next Step

Transitioning away from a familiar system can be daunting. However, K & B Solutions offers a seamless migration route for businesses seeking a worthy replacement for QB-POS. Here’s a side-by-side comparison that will show you why K & B Solutions is a reliable choice:

Payment Gateways

QB-POS: Exclusively uses its native payment system.

K & B: Boasts a variety of payment gateways, including the likes of Authorize.Net, NMI, PayTrace, and iTransact, providing businesses with a more diversified range of choices.

Credit Card Processing

QB-POS: Processed within its proprietary ecosystem.

K & B: Takes a consultative approach. After a thorough business analysis, we recommend the best-fit payment platform and provide training and post-deployment support.

Platform Flexibility

QB-POS: Primarily oriented towards retail operations.

K & B: Showcases broader adaptability. For instance, Authorize.Net supports payments across retail, online, and mobile. NMI caters to businesses with vast operational scales, and PayTrace is optimized for B2B operations.

Integration Capabilities

QB-POS: Offers specific integrations, but with the looming discontinuation, their continuity is questionable.

K & B: Emphasizes seamless integration capabilities, pairing efficiently with tools such as Intuit QuickBooks and WooCommerce. This is particularly evident in the partnership with platforms like PayTrace.

Make the Switch to K & B Solutions

While the end of QuickBooks Desktop POS marks the end of an era, it also heralds new opportunities. K & B Solutions offers a more adaptable, diverse, and integrative approach to meet the multifaceted demands of today’s retail environment. Contact K & B Solutions to transition and start enjoying various merchant services and secure payment options.