Before you get started with your new payment platform and software, you will need to complete the pre-application steps of our payment solution process.

Apply for Credit Card Processing

Ready to get started with K and B Solutions to see if we are the right fit for your business? Fill out an application on the National Card Payments website to get started. Our affordable payment processing expert, Brian Miller, will study your application and continue our setup process with a card processing statement analysis. 

“Brian was very helpful with the review, application, and approval process for credit cards. We needed a card processing solution within a couple of weeks to transition and keep processing payments. At ThinkBig, we do over 95% of billing via online sources, and having the ability to process credit cards is very important to operations. It was key for our setup to have a contact available and willing to assist during the entire process. Since our approval, we continue to have direct support for questions and Brian is available to assist.”

Lawrence Trujillo, ThinkBig Digital Marketing 

Analysis of Current Processing

One of the first steps of our process involves a consultation in which we discuss your payment processing needs, your current payment platform, and how you’d like to improve your current payment solution. Once we gather all of this information, we will analyze your current statements and craft a proposal. Other large credit card processing corporations won’t spend the time ensuring the proposed payment platforms and POS systems are correct for your business needs. These companies often upsell wherever they can, driving your business costs up. At K and B Solutions, we do not sell you anything you don’t need.

Next Steps: Choosing POS Systems and Payment Platforms

After we have finished the current processing analysis, you will have a better idea of whether or not your card processing is working for your needs. If you decide to move forward with K and B Solutions, the next step in our processing is getting accepted by an underwriter and after that, choosing the right payment platform for your business. As experts in both of these areas, we can help you get accepted by an underwriter quickly so that you can get your payment solutions set up right away. We are available to help every step of the way as we establish and maintain your affordable payment processing solution.

Next Steps: Choosing POS Systems and Payment Platforms

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