Savings Calculator

In the credit card processing industry since 2005, the professionals at K and B Solutions, develop a savings plan by using a savings calculator constructing a plan to estimate the balance of interest and savings accounts.

Savings Analysis

When assembling an income, simple, and financial goal, it is important to also conduct a savings analysis. A savings analysis provides estimates of potential savings and growth of savings through time. Savings calculators are more like an exploration on how much money you would need to have in order to obtain the desired amount of money you want in savings. One of the main challenges as a business owner in conducting a savings analysis is making every decision as a balancing act.

If any of our clients are higher risk, such as restaurants, then we do require a two to three year contract with termination fees in case there is a break in the contract. Our clients are usually larger in scale, however we do not want to exclude any smaller businesses from receiving our services. Using actual performance data from businesses can help us evaluate a more precise plan which makes your savings plan exponentially more effective in the long term. This comprehensive performance analysis using a simple interest calculator also reduces any likelihood of miscommunication

Brian Miller with K&B Solutions is pretty amazing to work with, he takes the time to set the process up right. The system he uses is very easy to use and he takes the time to check in and makes sure that the process is smooth for you as a valued customer.” 

Mike Anderson, Anderson Auto Body

Retirement Savings Calculator

Detailed savings analysis involves the process of sending us a copy of your processing statements and disclosing what you have been charged over an extended period of time. From there, we can assist you in making a retirement savings plan that reflects the desired amount of savings you would like to have by the time you retire. To receive a savings calculator consultation please contact K and B Solutions and one of our team members will be happy to assist you with conducting a savings account plan or a retirement savings plan. We look forward to working with you by managing and guiding you toward a proper savings plan for your business.

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