Affordable Rates

Dedicated Customer Service

Simple to Set-up

Training Provided

Simple Step by Step Process

K and B Solutions provides a simple step by step process to secure your payment processing and ensure your business funds are secure.

Statement Analysis

A proper analysis of your business funds and budget will result in making better decisions for your business and meeting business goals.

Follow-up Proposal

At K and B Solutions, we do not waste any time in providing a follow-up proposal after our initial meeting with a potential client. We value your services and want you to have secure payment services. 

Process Application and Send to Underwriter

Eliminate manual errors by working with a professional underwriter following the application process. The underwriter will be able to determine the risk factor of taking your business on.


After receiving approval we will be able to begin the onboarding process and improve your payment processing system or merchant services.

Training & Set-up

Training and set up will include fraud prevention services and discuss any further options you would like to take with K and B Solutions.

The numbers speak loud & clear

With years of experience and a vast knowledge of the credit card processing industry and POS systems, K and B Card Processing looks forward to providing you with the fraud prevention services and merchant services to optimize success.

Annual Volume

Average dollars saved per client

Average dollars saved per client

Who we serve

Retail Stores

Gas Stations


Point of Sale


Virtual Terminal

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What Our Clients are Saying

“Brian has been very pleasant to work with! I was totally new to all things involving card processing and was extremely intimidated. Brian was always willing to answer my questions and was super patient with me. He is extremely knowledgeable about what he does and you can tell that he knows the ins and outs of the  business after doing it for so many years. I would definitely recommend Brian with your card processing needs!”

-RaeLynn White, BriteSky Solutions

“Brian was very helpful with the review, application, and approval process for credit cards. We needed a card processing solution within a couple of weeks to transition and keep processing payments. At ThinkBig, we do over 95% of billing via online sources, and having the ability to process credit cards is very important to operations. It was key for our setup to have a contact available and willing to assist during the entire process. Since our approval, we continue to have direct support for questions and Brian is available to assist.”

-Lawrence Trujillo, ThinkBig Digital Marketing

Brian Miller with K&B Solutions is pretty amazing to work with, he takes the time to set the process up right. The system he uses is very easy to use and he takes the time to check in and makes sure that the process is smooth for you as a valued customer.

-Mike Anderson, Anderson Auto Body

About Us

K and B Card Processing has years of experience in merchant services, payment card industry security (PCI security), secure payment processing, and credit card processing.

Do you offer customer service for credit card processing and fraud prevention?

Our goal is to provide you with exceptional customer service in all your credit card processing and fraud prevention needs. With all of the technological updates over the past couple decades, having a credit card protection team specializing in secure payment processing and PCI security for businesses is essential to succeed. We are committed to assisting you and your business to successfully complete credit card payments and transactions safely.

Have you had fraud cases you've needed to handle?

K and B Solutions is pleased to have had no direct cases of fraud over the years due to the attentiveness and dedication of our management team. By handling electronic payments and payment gateways effectively, we have created a reliable reputation for excellence in credit card fraud protection. Consider making payment processing simple, affordable, and easy with K and B Solutions. 

What kinds of clients do you serve?

Our affordable payment processing solutions are available to all different kinds of businesses in all different types of industries. With a wide range of merchant services that improves your payment processing system, K and B Solutions is your credit card protection experts practicing secure merchant services. We are also proud to be as transparent as we can with our customers in regards to the credit card processing system. 

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