Fraud Prevention

K and B Card Processing has had years of experience in managing credit card accounts, which has translated to helping clients with an array of fraud prevention services. 

Fraud Detection

Credit card thieves in the modern day of technology are considered as technically sophisticated, which makes detecting credit card fraud a constructive challenge for each individual. The first thing you can do to prevent your credit card information being stolen is to know there are many ways thieves can collect your credit card information. 

With K and B Card Processing, we recommend a few ways to ensure you are not being targeted for fraud including, but not limited to:


Keeping all your credit cards in a secure spot - whether a wallet or a purse


Be aware of the potentialities of websites “remembering” your card number when shopping online for your business


Any lost or stolen cards should be reported immediately


Make sure to review your monthly bills diligently


Do not post sensitive information on any social media

“Brian was very helpful with the review, application, and approval process for credit cards. We needed a card processing solution within a couple of weeks to transition and keep processing payments. At ThinkBig, we do over 95% of billing via online sources, and having the ability to process credit cards is very important to operations. It was key for our setup to have a contact available and willing to assist during the entire process. Since our approval, we continue to have direct support for questions and Brian is available to assist.”

Lawrence Trujillo, ThinkBig Digital Marketing

Fraud In Payment Card Industry

In our PCI (Payment Card Industry), fraud prevention is governed by a third party called Audit Advantage based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. The reason for outsourcing some fraud prevention services to a third party is because there are benefits for every party involved. It allows Audit Advantage to be affordable for both the consumer, the card holder, and K and B Solutions by allowing us to focus on your account and secure files.

A lot of fraud detection can be hearsay, but one of the things that K and B Card Processing takes pride in is that none of our clients have been affected by fraud directly. If there are any additional questions about the fraud prevention services we provide please reach out and we would be happy to address any inquiries you may have.