Card Not Present

A card not present (CNP) transaction is a type of transaction in which the physical credit card is not present at the time of purchase, such as online payments, telephone payments, or mail payments.

Online Payment Solutions

CNP transactions make up about 45% of all credit card transactions, which means about half of the time, the credit card isn’t at the site when the payment occurs. This is convenient for customers who want to pay their bill online or over the phone, for e-commerce businesses that only sell their products online, and for businesses that want to set up recurring billing transactions for their customers. At K and B Card Processing, we offer online payment solutions like card not present transaction options, so that you can present a variety of payment options to your customers.

Brian Miller with K&B Solutions is pretty amazing to work with, he takes the time to set the process up right. The system he uses is very easy to use and he takes the time to check in and makes sure that the process is smooth for you as a valued customer.

Mike Anderson, Anderson Auto Body

Secure Payment Processing

Whether you are just starting your small business or you are a well-established business-to-business corporation, we make sure that your CNP payment processing is secure for your business and your customers. There are various options for credit card processing when a CNP transaction occurs, which include: a shopping cart and gateway service, keyed transactions via a virtual terminal, phone transactions, smartphone keyed transactions, and recurring billing. We provide free consulting when it comes to secure payment processing solutions so that you can utilize the most efficient and effective method for your business. 

An Attentive Credit Card Processing Company

With over 17 years of experience working with businesses of all sizes, we have learned the best ways to keep our clients happy. We are transparent in all of our business practices, starting with the proposal and continuing throughout our business relationship. We don’t sell you on any credit card processing services that you don’t need. We keep it simple. When it comes to pricing, we beat out the competition. Flat-rate fees of other credit card processing companies may sound appealing at first, but our locked-in pricing and excellent customer service make us an ideal choice for your credit card processing needs.